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Assisting in the design, implementation and assessment of economic development projects we can offer research and analysis into particular value chains, market sectors and public policy choices. Read more...

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We offer a wide range of services for potential investors including early project evaluation and due diligence, social impact assessment, sector analysis and tailored country risk assessments. Read more...


Providing evidence and analysis of public policy is key to any successful reform. We provide governance research to evaluate reform strategies, support development projects and widen public participation. Read more...


Objective assessment of reforms in politics are hard to find in the region. We provide analysis for advocacy and in order to broaden public discourse. Read more...

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GeoWel Research

GeoWel Research undertakes research, training, monitoring and evaluation as well as business planning and program and project design for think-tanks, NGOs and companies. We cover a wide range of research subjects but focus on economic development, business and governance. Our team are based in Georgia but have conducted research in 12 countries.
Our research team integrates international expertise and local staff. This ensures nuanced local understanding while also garaunteeing cost-effective delivery of the highest possible quality product. Our research combines an understanding of existing research and government data with primary research including large-N surveys, focus groups, expert interviews as well as legislative, budgetary and value-chain analysis.

The overall research design, as well as the final research product, is always tightly focused and action-oriented, to help our clients design or modify their advocacy campaigns, projects, policies or products.

Research blog

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Impact of Brexit on Georgia

The UK’s decision to leave the EU, so called, ‘Brexit’ has created turmoil in the UK and in the EU, initially hitting global stock markets hard and subsequently creating a confusing picture. Despite the fluidity of the situation, this article reflects on some of the possible consequences of Brexit for Georgia. In the short-term it seems as though the most obvious material impact will be a strengthening dollar leading to a weakening of developing market currencies like the GEL. It will also probably lead to a softening of EU attention on the region, leading to lower levels of engagement and investment from the block. In the longer term the result of the vote will depend on the ultimate form of the EU. Economically, the overall likely impact on the EU market is very hard to predict. Politically, a more Franco-German dominated EU is less likely to take a strong stance on Russia. This could be bad for Georgia.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

The New Silk Road and What it Means to Georgia

The core idea of the New Silk Road is to create an effective transit corridor from the Black Sea across Georgia, Azerbaijan and Central Asia to China and beyond. This idea is built on Chinese and Central Asian trade routes that reached their height in the 10th Century and, while it has many elements, is largely driven by trade and energy issues.


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The importance of industry to the Georgian economy

Many people are not aware that the heavy industry sector in Georgia is extremely important, but in terms of contribution to GDP, exports and employment it is one of the most important. This blog provides an overview of the sector.




Projects & publications

Local Action Group Kazbegi (2015-2017)

Local Action Group Kazbegi (2015-2017)

GeoWel is a research partner for the People in Need (PiN)’s Local Action Group (LAG) Kazbegi project. The aim is to help local communities to mobilize, identify priorities for development and address them with the initial support of the project. - Download: pdf, pdf

PiN- Improving Formal, Non-formal and Informal Vocational Education for Agribusiness in Georgia (2015-2017)

GeoWel is a research partner for People in Need (PiN)’s pilot project. The project provides assistance to the three largest agricultural VET providers in Imereti, as well as to the Veterinary Association and the Builders’ Association. - Download: pdf, pdf

Data Collection for Evaluation of the Child Sponsorship Program (World Vision, 2016)

Data collection for evaluation of World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) utilized a wide variety of GeoWel’s skills and resources. The quantitative survey of 500 and in-depth interviews of 75 respondents were conducted across a wide variety of settlements ranging from towns to villages so remote that they were not served by transport and were accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicle.

EU Project to Analyse Regional Resource Inter-dependencies in the Caucasus and their Connection to Regional Insecurity (2014-2016)

GeoWel Research has analysed trade, remittances, foreign investment and official development assistance. By looking at patterns of economic inter-dependencies in the broader Caucasus region we have tried to assess the way in which these dependencies feed into security and insecurity.


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