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Objective assessment of reforms in politics are hard to find in the region. We provide analysis in order to facilitate advocacy on key issues and we provide training for public advocacy groups on how to use research to support their arguments. We also offer analysis of the political climate to help national and international organizations make decisions about their role in oversight and investment.

Politics projects

EU Project to Analyse Regional Resource Inter-dependencies in the Caucasus and their Connection to Regional Insecurity (2014-2016)
GeoWel Research has analysed trade, remittances, foreign investment and official development assistance. By looking at patterns of economic inter-dependencies in the broader Caucasus region we have tried to assess the way in which these dependencies feed into security and insecurity.
Asian Development Bank Private Sector Assessment (2013)
Dr Welton provided ADB with an overview of the Georgian economy and private sector environment.
Food Security in the Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan (2011)
The purpose of this project was to provide Oxfam a comparative briefing note on the five FSU countries where Oxfam continues to operate; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Tajikistan.
Evaluation of Russian Grain Export Ban (2011)
This report, written for Oxfam Moscow, looks at the short- and long-term impact of the grain export ban issued by the Russian government during 2010-11. It shows that the ban did not bring food prices down in Russia, that it increased the price of grain internationally, and helped create an enviroment where price spikes and general instability are far more likely in the future. The report concludes with recommendations for alternative policies to increase food security in the future.
UNDP Georgia National Human Development Report (2008)
An overview and human development analysis into post-revolutionary reforms in the rule of law, economic development, poverty reduction, healthcare, education and the environment.
Political Opposition in Post-Revolutionary Georgia (2006)
The paper analyzes the weaknesses in the political opposition in Georgia before the local government elections in 2006. It also provides a history and biographical summary of key opposition players.

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