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GeoWel Research provides technical assistance, helping organisations to develop their research and analysis capacity. This is usually done through a heavily practical 'learning-by-doing' approach that ensures trainees actually develop a high quality research product as part of their training.

Research, analysis and writing training is at the core of our work at GeoWel Research. Internally, GeoWel staff are always working to collectively train one another and develop their skills. In addition, much of the team are academics who have worked as research trainers for years.

Dr Welton, the Executive Director, before setting up GeoWel Research, was an academic lecturer and taught research methods in the UK as well as across the region. David Jijelava continues to teach research methods at Tbilisi State University. 

Training Projects

Local Action Group Kazbegi (2015-2017)
GeoWel is a research partner for the People in Need (PiN)’s Local Action Group (LAG) Kazbegi project. The aim is to help local communities to mobilize, identify priorities for development and address them with the initial support of the project.
PiN- Improving Formal, Non-formal and Informal Vocational Education for Agribusiness in Georgia (2015-2017)
GeoWel is a research partner for People in Need (PiN)’s pilot project. The project provides assistance to the three largest agricultural VET providers in Imereti, as well as to the Veterinary Association and the Builders’ Association.
Research Training of Georgian Ministry of Economy (2011-2012)
The underlying purpose of the research and analysis capacity building exercise, supported by GIZ, was to support the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (MoESD).
Research Training of Shida Kartli Municipal Government (2011-2012)
In 2011 and 2012 GeoWel Research undertook a research training project to try and enhance the in-house capacities of four municipalities of Shida Kartli and the Governor’s office to collect and analyze data for economic development planning on local and regional level.

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