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Making Vocational Education in Georgia More Responsive to Labour Market Needs

Vocational education is vital for Georgia. If the economy is to expand quickly it will need a well trained work-force and the vocational education and training (VET) system will be central in providing for that need. However, making sure that VET courses match labour market needs is not simple. This project looked at the Georgian economy and the VET system to identify the existing mismatch between VET provision and labour market need. At the same time, looked at ways in which the government can more effectively ensure coordination of the VET system and the economy on an on-going basis.
At the end of last year slightly over twelve thousand people were accepted for training into 42 government-funded institutions that provide vocational education and training across Georgia. The courses focused heavily on a number of key sectors, particularly construction, the hospitality sector, IT and textiles. However, at this time, many sectors that employ large numbers of technical people are hardly covered by the VET system at all. Sectors as diverse as utilities, rail, steel, food-processing and logistics have almost no public training and have to provide almost all of their training in-house.

This research study investigates the sectors that need VET training but dont get it, the reasons for this mismatch and possible corrections to it.

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