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Asian Development Bank Private Sector Assessment (2013)

Dr Welton provided ADB with an overview of the Georgian economy and private sector environment. »

Assessment of Gender in Rural Value Chains Georgia and Armenia (2013)

GeoWel researched the ways in which gender plays a part in the value chains of rural communities in Armenia and Georgia. » - Download: pdf, ppsx

Research Training of Georgian Ministry of Economy (2011-2012)

The underlying purpose of the research and analysis capacity building exercise, supported by GIZ, was to support the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (MoESD).  » - Download: pdf, ppsx

Research Training of Shida Kartli Municipal Government (2011-2012)

In 2011 and 2012 GeoWel Research undertook a research training project to try and enhance the in-house capacities of four municipalities of Shida Kartli and the Governor’s office to collect and analyze data for economic development planning on local and regional level. »

Food Security in the Caucasus, Russia, Ukraine and Tajikistan (2011)

The purpose of this project was to provide Oxfam a comparative briefing note on the five FSU countries where Oxfam continues to operate; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Tajikistan. »

Milk and Dairy in Racha Lechkhumi (2011)

The objective of the research was to provide an overview of the meat and dairy sector in Racha with an aim to assessing the viability of both sectors and the various ways that the project could work with the sectors to improve them. » - Download: pdf

Mercy Corps Research into Milk Collection Centers (2011)

The research and analysis was done to support the Mercy Corps Project entitled Market Alliances Against Poverty in the Samtskhe-Javakheti Region of Georgia. The principle focus of the research was to look at milk collection centers (MCC) in Samtskhe and evaluate why some work and others do not, in order to aid Mercy Corps in their selection of MCCs and MCC managers in the future. » - Download: pdf

Trade and Investment Between Georgia and Azerbaijan (2011)

This research was conducted as part of Private Sector Development in the South Caucasus Program, conducted by GIZ which is, in turn, part of its wider Caucasus Initiative. The principle objective of the study is to inform decision makers about the various barriers to trade and investment between Georgia and Azerbaijan so as to help them reduce these barriers. »

Evaluation of Russian Grain Export Ban (2011)

This report, written for Oxfam Moscow, looks at the short- and long-term impact of the grain export ban issued by the Russian government during 2010-11. It shows that the ban did not bring food prices down in Russia, that it increased the price of grain internationally, and helped create an enviroment where price spikes and general instability are far more likely in the future. The report concludes with recommendations for alternative policies to increase food security in the future. » - Download: pdf, ppsx

Access to Justice in Central Asia (2011)

On 6th April 2011, Dr George Welton presented the results of the research he managed on Access to Justice in Central Asia. The research was the result of a large literature review and legal/institutional analysis, 1,908 survey questionnaires, 74 expert interviews and six focus groups conducted in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, over 80 expert interviews from September 2010. » - Download: pdf, ppsx

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