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Youth Bank Evaluation for EPF (2011)

This evaluation used desk research, surveys, focus groups, financial analysis and in-depth interviews to evaluate the success of the program in achieving its general objectives and specific targets. The results are broken down into an analysis of outputs, outcomes and impacts.  »

KfW Protected Areas Financial Analysis and Project Development (2010)

Financial planning, financial feasibility analysis and budget development for Euro 9 million Georgia protected area system project. »

CARE International Underlying Causes of Poverty and Program Development (2010)

Research on underlying causes of agricultural poverty in Georgia looking at governance, civil society, insecurity and markets and linkages. This research was conducted to help CARE International in the Caucasus develop its overall program trajectory. » - Download: pdf, ppsx

GTZ Caucasus Local Government Assessment (2010)

This research analysed the structure and operation of local government in order to support the development of a GTZ Local Government Project »

Vocational Education in Georgia (2010)

This project for GTZ was conducted to help the government of Georgia match vocational education and training provision with labour market needs.  » - Download: pdf, ppsx

IDP Situation Analysis (2010)

Our IDP study is the most comprehensive review of the situation facing new settlement IDPs to date. It shows that the situation is extremely varied, depending on the settlement, and that while some settlements are ready for development work, most are still in need of considerable humanitarian assistance. » - Download: pdf, pdf

The Loan Component of the Post War Pledge: An Analysis (2009)

This policy paper evaluates the 3 billion loan component of the postwar pledge; looking at the sector choices, transparency and sustainability of the loans. » - Download: pdf

Reforms to the Finance and Budgetary System in Georgia (2009)

This paper looks at reforms in budgetary planning and oversight that have occurred in the Ministry of Finance and the Chamber of Control since 2004.  » - Download: pdf

The Feasibility of Using Mobile Phones to Pay Remittances (2009)

This research looked at whether mobile banking system is feasible in Georgia and if it is, if it could be used to facilitate the transfer of international remittances. » - Download: pdf

UNDP Belarus Mid-Term Evaluation (2009)

The main focus of the evaluation was to assess the strategic direction of UNDP projects in Belarus. This project evaluated their portfolio of work, worth over USD 100 milllion, against the goals set out in their 2006 strategic Country Programme Document (CPD). It also assessed the efficacy of their programmatic focus, keeping in mind UNDP's skill-sets, the structure of the government priorities and the changing international situation. »

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