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UNDP Georgia National Human Development Report (2008)

An overview and human development analysis into post-revolutionary reforms in the rule of law, economic development, poverty reduction, healthcare, education and the environment. » - Download: pdf

Platinum Real Estate Business Planning (2007-2008)

In 2007 abd 2008 Dr Welton worked with Platinum Real Estate, a property company based in St Petersburg to a detailed business plan and feasibility analysis of the possibility of developing student accomodation in the suburbs of Petersburg. »

Georgia Country Overview (2007)

This report presented an overview of the Georgian economy, state of governance and sociopolitical climate in January 2008 in advance of a Strategic Planning Mid-Term Review for CARE International in Caucasus. » - Download: pdf

the Developmental Prospects of Georgia-Armenian Trade (2007)

This paper examined whether trade between Georgia's region of Samtskhe-Javakheti and the neighbouring Armenian region of Shirak could significantly facilitate economic development. At the current time it does not.  » - Download: pdf

Venture Capital Due Dilligence (2007)

In 2007 Dr Welton worked for Sun Capital Partners in Georgia, a large UK-based venture capital firm, undertaking investment analysis.  »

Political Opposition in Post-Revolutionary Georgia (2006)

The paper analyzes the weaknesses in the political opposition in Georgia before the local government elections in 2006. It also provides a history and biographical summary of key opposition players.  » - Download: pdf

The Prospects for Civil Service Reform (2006)

In spite of considerable international support for reform, institutions that are well placed to make reform happen, a possible new legal framework and sporadic support for reform across all branches of the Government, reform in the Civil Service as a whole continues to be a distant prospect.  » - Download: pdf

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