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UNDP Belarus Mid-Term Evaluation of Strategic Plan

The main focus of the evaluation was to assess the strategic direction of UNDP projects in Belarus. This project evaluated the project portfolio against the goals set out in their 2006 strategic Country Programme Document (CPD). It also assessed the efficacy of their programmatic focus, keeping in mind UNDP's skill-sets, the structure of the government priorities and the changing international situation.

The portfolio under review included 44 projects, with a total value of over USD 100 million, in the following areas:

• Economic Growth and Increase in Living Standards
• Effective and Accountable Governance
• Environmental Sustainability
• Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development of Chernobyl Affected Areas
• Cross Border Cooperation

The assessment evaluated the individual projects in terms of the pre-defined output, outcome and impact targets in the original strategic plan. Beyond that, we used a wide range of independent analyses of Belarus as well as extensive stakeholder interviews to assess the overall thematic impact of the different project sectors.

We also evaluated whether the same sectoral priorities would be appropriate for the final two years of the plan, for the formulation of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) or for the next Country Programme Document. This assessment took account of the changing economic context, the shifting priorities of the government and the range of new development players that were, at the time, beginning to re-enter Belarus.

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