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Food Security in the South Caucasus (Oxfam, 2014)

Project Description

This research project was intended to provide an overview of food security in the South Caucasus and also to provide an analysis of the capacity of government, NGOs and the media to engage in public discussions on food security issues. This forms part of Oxfam’s EU financed, 4-year project, ‘Improving Regional Food Security through National Strategies and Small Holder Production in the South Caucasus’.

The analysis that we provide combines extensive desk research on food security issues, interviews with government, NGOs and the media as well as a broad media analysis. The desk research for the project included review of international and local research resources related to food production, poverty, health, animal disease, human disease, gender, trade, transport and logistics and many other food-security related issues. The field research combined 70 semi-structure interviews. Finally, the media analysis looked at the content of radio, TV, print and online resources to provide an assessment of media provision on food security.

The resulting research provides a conceptual review of food security, a food-security context for the region, an overview of agricultural development in the region and then a break-down of food security issues that looks at:

After reviewing this we provide an overview analysis of food security policy in Azerbaijan. The final part of the research results is an overview of food security capacity in NGOs and the media.

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