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Data Collection for Evaluation of the Child Sponsorship Program (World Vision, 2016)

Data collection for evaluation of World Vision’s Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) utilized a wide variety of GeoWel’s skills and resources. The quantitative survey of 500 and in-depth interviews of 75 respondents were conducted across a wide variety of settlements ranging from towns to villages so remote that they were not served by transport and were accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicle. The thirteen settlements in which surveys and interviews were conducted included not only Christian and Muslim villages, but also included both ethnically Georgian villages where research was conducted in Georgian, and Armenian villages where research was conducted in Russian or Armenian as appropriate.

The quantitative survey targeted multiple types of respondents; adolescents participating in the CSP, adolescents not participating, primary caregivers of those respective adolescents, and adult members of households in the target communities that did not have adolescents. It also utilized multiple selection methods; households containing participating adolescents were random selected from program lists and other households were randomly selected using a random walk protocol. Quantitative surveys were conducted with tablets running the Open Data Kit (ODK) software. Tablets were equipped with sim cards, and interviewers uploaded data either after each interview or at the end of each day, depending on the availability of cellular service in the settlement they were assigned to.

In-depth interviews targeted an even wider variety of respondents, including

Each type of interview utilized a different set of questions, appropriate to role of the respondent with respect to the CSP. After the 75 interviews were completed they were transcribed in full and then translated, converting nearly 40 hours of interviews recorded in Georgian and Armenian into more than 1,500 pages in English.

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