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Business Development

GeoWel research can offer a range of different research services for businesses who are looking to move into the regional market-place or expand their activities. The GeoWel team generally also has extensive experience in market, value chain and general economic analysis.

In addition, Dr George Welton, the Executive Director, is a trained auditor who used to work in Corporate Turn-Around for KPMG in London. He has extensive experience in business planning and project development work in the UK, Russia and Georgia.

We offer:

Business/Project Planning

We can help businesses that plan to expand their operations or engage in new activities to develop business plans including cash-flow planning, profit and loss estimates and return on investments based on different financing structures. 

Early project evaluation and preparatory due dilligence.

We can analyse the feasibility of particular ideas. Our researchers have already done this in the Georgian parking, utilities and telecoms sectors and the property sector in both Georgia and Russia.
This can be as simple as investigation work or it can be as complex as preliminary business planning including cash-flow analysis and earnings projections based on different business models.

This can be combined with market surveys. We are particularly well placed to connect with local businesses as we have a full list of Georgia's registered and active businesses and a national network of surveyors that we can draw upon. As members of the American Chamber of Commerce we are also well placed to contact the large international organisations based in Georgia.

Country risk analysis/Sector analysis.

Tailored country risk analysis can offer responses and data on specific concerns that will differ across industries. We can also provide sector analysis that will offer clear summaries of the market place in a particular area including analysis of the existing operators, likely demand for particular products and economic, social and political risk factors.

Social Impact Analysis

Many companies now undertake social impact analysis as part of a possible project or privatisation bid, or as part of their belief in Corporate Social Responsibility. By combining an understanding of business analysis and economic/social development work, GeoWel is ideally located to undertake this kind of work.

Our work in Business Development

Local Action Group Kazbegi (2015-2017)
GeoWel is a research partner for the People in Need (PiN)’s Local Action Group (LAG) Kazbegi project. The aim is to help local communities to mobilize, identify priorities for development and address them with the initial support of the project.
PiN- Improving Formal, Non-formal and Informal Vocational Education for Agribusiness in Georgia (2015-2017)
GeoWel is a research partner for People in Need (PiN)’s pilot project. The project provides assistance to the three largest agricultural VET providers in Imereti, as well as to the Veterinary Association and the Builders’ Association.
The Feasibility of Using Mobile Phones to Pay Remittances (2009)
This research looked at whether mobile banking system is feasible in Georgia and if it is, if it could be used to facilitate the transfer of international remittances.
Platinum Real Estate Business Planning (2007-2008)
In 2007 abd 2008 Dr Welton worked with Platinum Real Estate, a property company based in St Petersburg to a detailed business plan and feasibility analysis of the possibility of developing student accomodation in the suburbs of Petersburg.
the Developmental Prospects of Georgia-Armenian Trade (2007)
This paper examined whether trade between Georgia's region of Samtskhe-Javakheti and the neighbouring Armenian region of Shirak could significantly facilitate economic development. At the current time it does not.
Venture Capital Due Dilligence (2007)
In 2007 Dr Welton worked for Sun Capital Partners in Georgia, a large UK-based venture capital firm, undertaking investment analysis.

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