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Research into Corporate Social Responsibility in Georgia (BP, June 2013-April 2014)

Project Description

The purpose of this research document is to provide project ideas for BP to formulate a CSR development strategy in Georgia.

To conduct the analysis of CSR in Georgia, GeoWel began by formulating a list of companies that we thought might be engaged in CSR activities. This list was produced using a combination of business association lists and the lists of recipients of the Golden Brands awards, an annual business awards contest produced by The Financial, an English-language business newspaper. GeoWel conducted a preliminary desk review and, where possible, phone interviews, with this group, in order to find out what, if any, CSR activities were on going. We then conducted face-to-face interviews with the most promising candidates for the project, to identify their interest in expanding or professionalizing their CSR activities. We reviewed 201 companies, conducted 103 closed phone interviews and 58 face-to-face semi-structured interviews, mostly with senior management. Finally, GeoWel discussed the project ideas that arose from this process in three focus groups. This research project anticipates a further 10-15 interviews following BP’s selection of a project concept.

As a result of the project we were able to identify key areas where interest in CSR already exists in Georgia. Matching these with BP priorities we were able to suggest a profile for a CSR support project, design that project and suggest likely key corporate participants. We also facilitated the first meeting between BP and those possible participants. 

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